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Oakleaf Family Testimonials

Thank you for letting us take care of your loved one!

Rod W.

Your staff is unbelievable. The support, caring, and just awesomeness is beyond belief. It’s been a tough morning, but y’all made it so much easier.”

Ralph J.

Ashley, I know you and your staff must be very tired of all the COVID-19 stuff. Hang in there! We really appreciate all your hard work and the way you still love on our family members even when circumstances make it challenging. New cases are going to happen, especially with Omicron being so easily spread, but no one can say you all have not done your due diligence every step of the way. Thank you!


I moved my Dad into Oakleaf a few months ago. He was in horrible shape: he had been hospitalized for over 2 months and then went to another facility for rehab for several months. He couldn’t move out of his bed without help. Now, he no longer needs to use a walker. He can bathe himself on his own. Last week, he called me and asked me to buy him free weights so he can work on rebuilding his strength. This is someone who had given up on life prior to moving into Oakleaf. Ashley and her staff are amazing. They truly care about the residents. My Dad says he feels like he lives in a 5 star hotel. He loves the people, the activities, and the food. I highly recommend Oakleaf village if you are looking for caring staff who have experience and are knowledgeable about taking care of seniors.

Dee and John

Words cannot express how grateful we are to all the staff, all the caregivers on every floor, every hallway, even the elevators! I hope you all realize how even a 2 minute conversation of “How are you today?” or “How is your Mom” meant so much to me. You knew how I felt, before I even answered you! All of your advice and understanding and compassion can’t be measured. We thank you all and will be forever grateful for how much you helped our family.


I have worked in senior care for 23 years. My passion is fulfilled every day when I leave Oakleaf because I see and witness the quality care that each staff member provides. Its like family and we truly care for each other – staff, our residents, and our family members!


This is a quality assisted living. The staff are incredible!


I am a caregiver that works for Right at Home. I am sent to different assistant living and memory care units.

I see how the employees treat the residents. I have to say Oakleaf by far is the best I have seen. They treat the residents with respect and dignity. I have many questions for some of the other facilities I have worked at. I would and do recommend Oakleaf of Lexington to anyone. This is the kind of care I wish my mother could have received and the care I hope I will receive if the time comes.


The caregivers at oakleaf care for your family member(s) like they are their family.


Oakleaf has a team that really cares about their residents. They go above and beyond to make sure the residents at Oakleaf are taken care of!


Ashley, I wanted to thank you and everyone at Oakleaf for your compassion and care for mom during her last few years. She especially fell in love with Amber Winters and they developed such a trusting bond. If you are able to recognize Amber in some way for her caring, genuine compassion, I hope that you will. Tiffany was also particularly good with mom and would have done anything for her. Please recognize her for all that she did especially during moms last few weeks. Also, Mom always loved Ranada‘s loving spirit and tender care and she thought so much of Jenny also! You truly have a very special team at Oakleaf of caring, dedicated, compassionate people.

Thank you also, for sitting with mom when I could not be there and for Jenny being with her at her passing.

My words cannot fully express my gratitude.

Thank you for making the move go smoothly and please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do.

Grateful Daughter

Oakleaf Village became my mom’s new home after her dementia progressed to a point that she needed more care.

She has been there for a year and we are so pleased. Her new home is clean, the meals are wonderful and she has enjoyed many activities that are provided.  The one thing that makes Oakleaf stand out is their staff.  They are caring, but also skilled at giving each resident what they need. The expectations  of management are evident, they are visible and responsive, and you feel that all staff truly enjoys what they do. Having mom in a place that she loves and is well cared for gives us great peace of mind.


Approximately a year ago, my family made the difficult decision to place my father in an assisted living facility.  We visited and interviewed several facilities.  We were very impressed with Oakleaf in Lexington.  My Dad moved into the facility about a year ago.  It was a wonderful decision!  The family was given suggestions and guidance to make the move go smoothly.  My Dad adjusted very quickly.  He loves the staff.  They joke and tease each other.

Additionally, I can’t say enough about the care my father has received during the pandemic.  Testing has been vigorous and updates to the family has been remarkable.  Both my mother and I are receiving updates via telephone.  The proactive communication is very comforting to the family.

We feel very blessed for the care provided by Oakleaf Lexington.


My Mom has lived at Oakleaf Village since 2015 and I would not have her live any other place.  We visited all of the assisted living communities that allow pets in the area and Oakleaf Village was the nicest and cleanest one of all.  Not to mention the staff that also provides such great care but with so much love and compassion.  And it’s fun too!  I have enjoyed so many gatherings with Mom and she even won best costume a couple of times at the annual Halloween party!  Mom has dementia and this is truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with in life.  I could not have gotten through it like I have without all their monthly Alzheimer Support Group meetings to learn all I could about this dreadful disease.  Not to mention the one-on-one meetings or conversations the staff will have with you at any time to discuss your loved one.  And they do it in such a comforting and compassionate way that makes you feel like you’ve got this!  You know you are not alone in this journey and Mom could not be in a better place!


My husband and I looked at many long term facilities for my father in law and were very impressed with what we saw at Oak Leaf in Lexington.  He has been a resident there for a year now and all of our experiences with staff and administration have been wonderful.  Sometimes I call several times a week for different things and have always been helped.  My father in law also seems to be happy and secure there.  Thank you Oak Leaf for all you do.


About four years ago, I moved my mom to Oakleaf from out of state because she could no longer care for herself or her home safely. The transition for her and for me was extremely difficult during the first several months. From the first day, the caregiving staff and the office staff at Oakleaf were incredibly supportive and helpful on many levels. They helped me understand my mom’s dementia and how it would progress. I am a daughter and a nurse, and I want my mom to have the absolute best care. I have been impressed and reassured with the way my mom has been cared for.

This is an awful time of isolation when I cannot visit my mom, and it is extremely hard for me emotionally. Oakleaf has been transparent about what they are doing to keep residents safe. I am thankful for the trust I have in the staff at Oakleaf.

Over time my mom has become content albeit more confused. She has told me several times, “I like this place, don’t you?” I answer yes and really mean it.

Jenny Richards (Director of Resident Care)

Oakleaf Village

Now that things are beginning to settle down somewhat I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you and your entire staff for the wonderful care you gave Carol during her stay with you at Oakleaf Village. As I have explained to you before: when it was obvious that she was going to need assisted living, we did a thorough search of about fifteen facilities looking for the right place. We came to Oakleaf and visited with you (Jenny), Karen, Melanie and others, and we both agreed that this was the place she needed to be. This decision was based on the obvious high-quality loving and compassionate care given to each resident. Of equal importance was the fact that the residents seemed to be very happy. As you may remember she spent her first night with you October 1, 2016 as a grade 2 in the assisted living part of your facility. After only a few weeks you approached me about moving her down to Oakhaven. You were right, that is where she needed to be. She adapted very well to her new surroundings and made many friends including both staff and residents. She stayed with you in Oakhaven for a year and a half before she passed on May 8, 2018. You may have heard that I talked with Karen about a place for me, but not for a few years, so you may not be rid of me yet. I will be forever grateful for the Loving Care that you and your entire group of compassionate ladies provided Carol.

I want to extend a special thanks you Susan for providing a beautiful and thought-provoking poem read at Carol’s memorial service by Shanna and Aisha

Your friend always,

Jenny's Signature

The poem was provided by Susan Starnes and read at Carol Bond’s Memorial Service by Aisha Jenkins and Shanna Shealy. The author of the poem is unknown.

God’s Garden

God looked around his garden
and found an empty place.
He then looked upon the Earth,
and saw your tired face.

He put his arms around you
and lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful,
he always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering,
he knew that you were in pain.
He new that you would never
get well on Earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough
and the hills were hard to climb.
So, he closed your weary eyelids
and whispered “Peace be thine”.

It broke our hearts to lose you
but you did not go alone…
For part of us went with you
the day God called you home.

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